In Case You Need a Hand-Cranked Vibrator…

september2009coverfinal.ful…look no further than my latest freelance article, “GO Greener” in GO Magazine, a shopping guide full of eco-friendly gadgets. Let the environmentally-sustainable sexual revolution begin!


A Cockroach I Actually Like

Pat Reid from the British blog Cockroach: Music, Movies and Media recently interviewed me after reading The Forbidden Apple. Apparently I can never talk about Doris Wishman too much.

“Forbidden Apple” is NYT Editors’ Choice

Another belated discovery: my book was a New York Times Editors’ Choice selection (4/10/09)! I’m thrilled that Susan Dominus is such a fan.

That day she also talked up “The Forbidden Apple” on “New York Times Close Up,” a weekly TV show hosted by Sam Roberts, the editor of the New York Times Book Review, on the local news network NY1.

Thanks Susan!

Adventures in Google

Occasionally I like to do a Google search for myself and see what comes up. It’s a little intimidating to find out how seemingly all over the ‘net I am, but half of those hits are my own doing–my web site (in a state of hiatus), this blog, my Facebook page, my MySpace page, and a lot of web sites I signed up for once and never used again (LinkedIn, I’m looking at you).

Tonight I discovered a review of “The Forbidden Apple” from Publishers Weekly via My publishers were concerned when the book came out in March that we had not scored a review in PW prior to publication, which they thought bode ill for the book’s sales. It seems that PW did review it as a web-only exclusive on March 16. Here we go: Continue reading ‘Adventures in Google’

I’m Featured in GO Magazine

GO's June/July 2009 issue

GO's June/July 2009 issue

I was chosen as one of GO Magazine’s “100 Women We Love” in the June/July 2009 issue! Writer Cheryl Burke had this to say:

“While doing research for an earlier book project on former New York City Mayor Giuliani’s quality-of-life campaign, Long saw some interesting patterns. ‘I began researching Giuliani’s policies regarding adult-use establishments — the legal term for sex shops — and I discovered that municipal attempts to cleanse Times Square and the rest of the city of immorality and indecency amounted to more than a century-long local tradition. Even before Times Square existed, mayoral administrations had focused on cleaning up vice in the city’s red light districts.’”

Read more here.

“Forbidden Apple” in the Window of Barnes & Noble

Here I am in front of the Barnes & Noble at 6th Avenue and 8th Street in the West Village–and that’s my book in the window!


Ta-da! (photo by Shannon Leigh O'Neil)

My Personal American Idol

Anyone that knows me is aware of my Adam Lambert fixation (in a sociocultural context, of course). But I must share with the world the fabulousness of Jobriath, my personal American Idol. My GF just said to me, as I viewed the video, “you know he’s like the Heaven’s Gate of rock stars, right?” Of course I do.

In the early to mid-70’s, a bunch of music industry honchos got together and brainstormed an American counterpart to David Bowie. At the time, Bowie was as famous for his impeccable songwriting as he was for his fashion sense and casual bisexuality. Jobriath, though, was actually openly gay and a campily graceful performer. Sadly, the hype that preceded his talent framed him as some kind of sexual fad, destined to flame out after 15 minutes. Continue reading ‘My Personal American Idol’


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